Does my child need to be potty trained?

No, we do not require your child to be potty trained, although we do recommend it.

How many years has your school been in existence?

Pequea Preschool first started accepting students in 1996.

Are all of your teachers certified in Early Childhood Education?

No, not every teacher is certified in ECE. Our Director does have a degree in Elementary and ECHD Educ. from Millersville University. We do send our teachers yearly to attend ECHD Educ. classes and CPR training.

Do you teach the Bible?

Yes, we are very proud of our curriculum that incorporates a strong foundation of Bible stories, verses, and songs.

What is your curriculum?

Our two-year-old program is designed to help your child grow socially.  Sharing, kindness, taking turns, and listening skills are reinforced in class along with rhyming, colors, music and experimental play.  God’s World Bible curriculum is used in this class.  In our three-year-old program, we focus on social development like taking turns, sharing and following directions. They will work on large and fine motor skills, name recognition, shapes, colors and sorting.  Our four-year-old’s will be writing their names, numbers, letters and will learn opposites, rhyming, patterning and sounding out letters. They will have lots of dramatic play, cooking, crafts, and reading. ABC Bible Heroes is the curriculum. The Pre-Kindergarten class uses the Essentials Preschool Curriculum, which offers children activity centers, journaling, word wall, science, sequencing, music, and much more.

What is your student/teacher ratio?

There are two teachers in each classroom.  Our two and three year old classes typically have ten students, while our four year old class has twelve students and our Pre-K class has 16 students.

Do you accept children with special needs?

Yes. We work closely with IU13.

Do you follow the Penn Manor School District Calendar?

We do follow Penn Manor School District Calendar closely, but not completely.

Do you have a payment plan for tuition?

We do offer three options for payment of tuition. You may pay one payment at the beginning of the school year. You may also pay half at the beginning and half in January.  Or you may make eight monthly installments. Upon choosing the monthly payment plan, an $8.00 processing fee will be added to your beginning balance.

How do you handle security at your school?

We have a security system incorporated within the church. All doors are locked while school is in session. We also adhere to our Children & Youth Protection Policy which can be downloaded by clicking here.